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My goal is to provide coaching and mentoring services to students of all ages in Software Engineering for a successful career.   If you are looking for information on how to start pursuing a software engineer career, how to build a perfect resume, or how to ace the interview, then Software Engineer Careers HQ is for you!  The information you receive from here will help you lead you to a stable job with high paying software engineering salary.

I will provide coaching and mentoring and guide you through different stages in building your software skills depending on your current education level (High School, College, or Internship).  You will learn it’s never too late or even too early to learn more about Software Engineer careers.  Software Engineer Careers HQ is available to provide answers to your questions or provide helpful information to lead you through the process of obtaining a software engineer degree from one of the best software engineering school, eventually becoming one of the best Software Engineer.  Submit your questions or requests anytime as I am very interested in helping you as much as I can, leveraging my real work experiences.

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