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High School Students Interested in Pursuing a Software Engineer Career – Quick Learning instruction to become a software engineer for high school students by following our guidelines

I am glad that you came this far and decided to give SW Engineering a try as your future career!  Software Engineer Degree HQ covers important aspects of SW engineering and why we believe SW engineering can turn into a stable and passionate career while earning a decent salary.

More importantly, you should realize that you have an edge over many other High School students because you already know which direction to purse for your career and you can plan out your High School curriculum by adding as many software development courses your High School offers.  Check out the Top 10 Popular and Most in Demand Software Programming Skills to decide which programming skills to focus.

Many people get turned off when they hear SW engineering because the first thing that comes to mind is someone programming all day sitting in front of a computer.  There is some truth to this, however, SW engineering is not about just programming.  There are many other disciplines within SW engineering besides programming.

Typical Software Engineer Career Working In Front of Computer

So now that you’ve decided to pursue a Software Engineer career and eventually earn a software engineer degree from one of the best software engineering schools, what can you do now as a high school student?   Unfortunately, in order to be successful at undergraduate software engineer school, it is highly recommended that you fully grasp the concept of how to program an application using one of many popular software programming languages.

Therefore, we recommend that this is where you should start, learning at least one software programming language well enough where you can create an application.  Good thing about this specific software programming strategy is that once you know one programming language, you can pick up other programming languages much faster as the fundamental concepts are pretty much the same.

The first programming language we recommend is JAVA because JAVA is well known programming language world-wide and many corporations are still looking for strong software development engineers with JAVA skills and I know there cannot be enough JAVA developers.

Click on “Start Learning Java” below to see your options.

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