Learning JAVA Programming to Start Software Engineer Careers

Here is a list of available options to pick up JAVA as one of your skills in SW engineering:

Traditional Book Option:

One of the best method to learn JAVA is to buy a book and start reading.  The book you choose should guide the readers through actual programming, most likely using Eclipse JAVA IDE.  It can also serve as a good reference guide whenever you need clarification.  Here is the book from Amazon that we recommend.  I don’t know about you but for me I tend to pay more attention to the content I am reading when reading a traditional book method versus e-book.  Maybe I am already old-fashioned…

If you do not want to spend $25 on a copy of a great resource or if you prefer online method than books, then you can try this site.  Although we do not believe it will be as useful as the traditional book option, it is free and you should be able to pick up important terminologies and concepts.

JAVA Tutorial For Beginners With Examples

Online video training series:  

I know there are those who does not like to read and instead prefer the video training option.  Here are several online video training series you should give a try.


PAID Online Training Subscription:

For best result in learning multiple software programming languages, consider PluralSight.  It might be worth an investment of a few hundreds of dollars to help build a solid foundation in your software engineer career.

Other JAVA Training Resources:  

Essential JAVA Resources for Beginners – A Quick Learning Guide, Building JAVA Foundations for SW Engineers

In the end of the training, you must have complete grasp of the 4 major principles of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).  Refer to this website on 4 major principles of OOP:

Object Oriented Programming Principles

  1. Inheritance
  2. Polymorphism
  3. Abstraction
  4. Encapsulation


Now, it’s time to test your knowledge in JAVA. 

Click on “Take Quiz on JAVA Knowledge” image below to start.

Take Quiz on Java Knowledge

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