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How to Ask Smart Questions During SW Engineering Interview

It is very important for software engineers to ask smart questions and it can be the difference between getting the job or not. software engineers are encouraged to spend time prior to the interview thinking about asking smart questions.  Below is a list of ideas to consider for your list of smart interview questions.

  1. Mold your questions to the Software Engineering position you are applying by learning as much as you can prior to the interview.
  2. Do not ask about vacations or sick days before you are actually offered the job.  This also applies to salary or benefits.
  3. Ask open ended questions to make sure the interviewer is talking to you.  Use Who, What, When, Where, or How.  Do not ask closed ended questions that results in Yes or No answer.
  4. Your questions must be concise and to the point.  Do not ask questions that are long.
  5. Do not ask questions that reveal your lack of research or even interests in the company.  For example, “What exactly do you guys do?”
  6. Do not ask questions that creates negativity into interviewer.  Refrain from asking questions like “Do you have problem with working from home few days a week?” or “How often do I need to work overtime?”
  7. Do not tell jokes.
  8. Do not ask questions that make you appear desperate
  9. You can prepare a list of questions in a note.  Most interviewers take notes so you should have a note to take as well.