About Matt’s Career as Software Engineer:

My career in Software Engineering had an unorthodox beginning.  I didn’t know I wanted to pursue my career in software engineering until the third year in my College.  At the time, I was studying for an Electrical Engineering degree when I unexpectedly found myself an internship opportunity with a small software engineering firm.  After the internship, I realized Software Engineer was a better career option for me.  I eventually graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree and earned a job with a large corporation despite I had never taken a software programming course.  I realized the importance of my internship experience where I learned to write code without understanding the concept of Object Oriented Programming.  Long story short, I stayed with the same company for 17 years and still counting!


  • 17+ years of professional software engineering experience with a diverse background in requirement analysis, system design, development, integration, maintenance support and program transition
  • Nine years of professional technical management experience involving staffing projections / hiring, cost accounting, schedule, metrics, risk / opportunity management, and subcontract management
  • Four years of software programming with database, COTS integration, and software testing.
  • Five years of software development team lead (IPT Lead)
  • Proven experience in Project Management, Proposal Management, Systems Engineering and Analysis, and bringing innovative solutions
  • Established success in building effective customer relationships
  • Demonstrated experience managing 35+ employees and subcontractors

Matts career timeline

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