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Best Online Resource for Software Programming Languages

As a sw engineer, it is very important to continuously learn and sharpen your sw programming skills especially for those who decided to pursue sw development career. After learning your first sw programming language such as JAVA, focus on expanding
your capabilities.  There are many website that provides learning opportunities in sw programming languages.  My favorite is PluralSight.

PluralSight is a paid subscription based company, but if you are serious in picking up several programming skills, then this company can definitely help you achieve your goal.  The cost is $99 per year and gives you access to thousands of online training videos covering all sorts of programming languages.  Major benefit of PluralSight is most of the instructors are well known in the industry and have published many software programming books.  My philosophy is to receive training from the best and with access to PluralSight, you can learn new skills from the best instructors. For slightly less than $100 per year, I think it is worth the money since it can help lay a strong foundation for your software engineer careers. However, if you don’t have time or do not think you can watch instructor led based training videos daily or about 5 hours per week, then you should not start subscription with PluralSight.