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What is Software Engineering?

SW engineering is combination of applying science (e.g., computer science), mathematics, and management to solve a specific problem taking consideration qualities such as time, cost, and quality.  Software engineering jobs includes design, development and testing of computer system applications interfacing with database programs (backend programming) and Graphical User Interface (front-end programming).  The end solution must meet software reliability, software performance, and user satisfaction.  SW engineering is different from computer engineering, which is focused in the area of hardware and computing technologies such as networking and hardware equipment.

NOTE: Software is a code written by programmers that is created for solving problems using computers. The program code is written using a programming language such as Java or C#.

Check out this video to better understand what SW Engineering is all about!

Summary of the Video:

Software is the content that you look at and interact with on a computer.  SW Engineers analyze and solve programming problems.  Coders write tiny steps that make up the program.  SW Engineers May need to work evenings and weekends.  They must have a strong grasp of mathematics and must follow very detailed instructions.  Also, SW engineers must be good communicators to analyze and meet the needs of the users.